Tomoto tableware set

TOMOTO - FULL OF SURPRISES Plastex is launching Tomoto Tableware set for the first time at the Hirameki Design x Finland exhibition during the Tokyo Design Week. Tomoto bowls and multifunctional lids represent totally new kind of thinking, consuming and most of all, serving. They are full of surprises!

SURPRISING MATERIAL Tomotos are made of 100% biodegradable material. Yes, that´s true, they are free to biodegrade completely!

NEW WAY TO USE The ingenious design of bowls and lids is stunning. It´s not only the beauty but the multifunctional usage. Put the soup to the bowl, keep it warm with the lid and use the lid as a tapas tray at the same time. Serve simply with style!

FINNISH ATTITUDE Finnish designer Samuli Naamanka has designed Tomotos for Plastex in Finland. He has captured the real finnish spirit as its best to the Tomoto set. Cool, simple and chic. High-end products that everyone can purchase.

Product info

Tomoto Bowl, small

Height: 65 mm

Diameter:143 mm

Tomoto Bowl, medium

Height: 77 mm

Diameter:226 mm

Tomoto Bowl, large

Height: 100 mm

Diameter:390 mm