Salt & Pepper Shakers

The ceramic Delight-series salt-and pepper shakers that Professor Eero Aarnio has designed for PlastexDesign charms with clear forms and stylishness. The construction name the designer had for these shakers was “pipo”. A Finnish word for a woolen winter cap which forms you can easily recognize. These playful shakers remind also of joyful board game pieces.

These fantastic shakers that are handmade in Finland brings joy to the dining table and are so beautiful that there is no need to put them away between the meals.

There are two sizes of these shakers which both are available in three colors; red, black and white.

Adam and Eve comprise a beautiful set in which the bigger black shaker symbolize Adam, which fine shape enables the white Eve’s own dedicated place beside Adam. A silvery package makes this set a brilliant gift e.g. for just engaged or a wedding couple.

Product info

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Size Pepper Shaker: 120/45 mm

Size Salt Shaker: 100/45 mm

Colors: Black, White, Red

Material: Ceramics

Adam and Eve is a set with one  black pepper and one white salt shaker with a different shape on the pepper shaker.