Sasa saddle BuCKet

SASA - saddle bucket is a comfortable storage seat with an appeal to the eye.

Sit down and feel the difference.

Sasa is a unique innovation and represents new thinking for the home and garden as well as for your leisure time. SASA is a new accessory for working in low positions: You can sit on it and gather things inside of it at the same time. Or simply carry materials in it. Use SASA as a storage seat – you can work in a comfortable position and even place your tools inside of it. The development of SASA started from the notion that working in low positions makes you easily feel uncomfortable. Sitting down decreases the strain on the body. The ergonomically designed SASA is made of polyethylene (PE-HD), food approved plastics, which is very durable, resistant to chemicals, easy to keep clean and it can be used in freezing conditions. SASA is also recyclable. The capacity is ca.15 litres. Trendy lime green colour. The very light SASA has been developed for your everyday life and protected by an approved EU Design Model. SASA is a practical help in the garden, pick-nicking, when picking berries, gathering toys off the floor, repairing the car or any time you work in low positions and/or the tools are out of reach. You can even use SASA for fishing and ice fishing – and of course for watering the garden. The wide mouth makes pouring easy. What other uses can you invent? Try the comfort at home and your garden.

Product info

SASA Saddle Bucket

Size: 470/350/240 mm

Colors: Lime

Material: PE-HD