Q- seat Light

The idea to Q-seat light designed for PlastexDesign originated from the innovation to create something new from a long-lasting and timeless material for which plastic was the best solution. PlastexDesign believed in the vision of the shortly graduated designer Vilja-Valpuri Laxenius and saw a place for the lamp in the product range. The idea came up purely from the designers own need to combine a lamp and a seat for small rooms to ease the everyday life. Therefore almost by accident a new shape was born that is functioning as a modular element with numerous variations. The Q-seat light is natural white and it’s made of polyethylene (PE-HD), food approved plastics, which is very durable, resistant to chemicals, easy to keep clean and it can be used in freezing conditions. It’s also recyclable. Because of the shape it suits particularly well in a corner as an umbrella holder.

Product info

Q- Seat Light

Size: 400/600 mm

Color: White