PlastexDesign launched an entirely new bottle design at theHirameki Design x Finland exhibition. It is the first bottle in the world, that won´t fall over and which you can pile.The donut-shaped 12 cm diameter bottle holds the surprising
amount of - 0,4 liters - 14 fluid ounces.


Stefan Lindfors' design is a revolutionary creation that was first made to be a ready to drink bottle but was found out in practice to be also a perfect bottle to store various dry ingredients like spices, salt, sugar, candies, peanuts and also perfect in the bathroom. The bottle has an identity similar to no other bottle, being a brand in itself. It is in fact the bottle re-invented. It’s made of clear and safe PETG plastic.

Beautiful, funny and joyful for everyday use!

Design Stefan Lindfors, Made in Finland

Product info

Plup Bottle, 0,4L

Height: 70 mm

Diameter:120 mm

Colour: Clear bottle and red cap