Hookie the Hanging Basket Pot

Hookie is a novel type of hanging basket pot, whose playful organic design allows for the pots to be joined together to form larger units. This way you can build your own hanging herb garden!

Hookie originated from the idea of whether a single hanging pot could serve as a hanger for several hanging pots. It was designed by the young Finnish industrial designer Niko Laukkarinen.

You can use Hookie for more than herbs and plants. How about hanging Hookie in the shower and put your shampoo and body-wash bottles in it or why not store fruit in it or your crafts accessories? These are just a few examples – now it is your turn to find new uses for Hookie!

Hookie – The hanging basket pot is manufactured out of recyclable and chemical resistant plastic. The material is very durable and food safe polyethylene. It is highly acid-resistant and withstands frost.

Available colours: black, white, lime

Product info

Hookie the Hanging Basket Pot

Size: 117/251/137 mm

Colors: Black, White, Lime

Material: PE-HD

EAN: 6 416061 400422 /Black, 6 416061 400439 /White, 6 416061 400439 /Lime