Big Enough clothes hanger

Designed by professor Eero Aarnio.

His wife asked for a sturdy hanger to keep the clothes in shape. And this is the solution.

Innovative, beautiful and practical. Just something what she could expect from him. Because of the fine design all the jackets, overcoats and winter clothes keep their shapes
well. And there are no more problems with stretches in soft fabrics and every piece of clothes is in order.

Firm and resilient model, almost impossible to break.
An excellent choice for public buildings and home entertainment. A very stylish way of taking good care of your guests in first class manner.

Comes in three beautiful colours: black, white and trendy lime green. The hanger is made of recyclable and durable polyethylene (PE-HD).

Made in Finland.

Product info

Clothes Hanger

Size: 440/280/30 mm

Colors: Lime, Black, White

Material: PE-HD